Basement Waterproofing Products

BEAVER® High Quality Products go into EVERY Basement Waterproofing Job.
Do-It-Yourself and Professional Installation of Proven Basement Waterproofing Systemes that will DRY UP Your Basement!

BEAVER® Basement Waterproofing Products

High quality brand name basement waterproofing products go into every job ... No Generic Items! Designed by Beaver Basement Water Control Systems producing dry basements since 1965.

If you have a wet basement or are wondering how to fix a basement water problem, chances are you need to relieve hydrostatic pressure along your basement walls. Most basement water problems are caused by water collecting around the foundation creating hydrostatic pressure. The pressure forces water through the joint where the wall and floor meet, and even through cracks and pores in the concrete walls. Now you can dry up your wet basement with our easy to use basement waterproofing products.

DIY Level 1 : Basement Waterproofing System

Basement Waterproofing Kit | Level 1

EASY Do-It-Yourself Installation of an Affordable Proven System that will DRY UP Your Basement!
Introducing a new way to fix wet basements at a fraction of the price. The Beaver basement water control systems will solve your water problems by doing what paints, plugs and crack sealers can’t do; it collects the water and channels it to your sump-pump or floor drain. The Level 1 system can handle any amount of water seepage along your basement walls. The Level 1 system is the most affordable basement waterproofing kit while maintaining the highest quality and dependability to ensure a dry basement.

EASY Do-It-Yourself Installation of a Proven System that will DRY UP Your Basement! Beaver Basement Waterproofing System will dry up your basement! The Beaver Basement Water Control System is the dependable and affordable way to dry up wet basement. More than 47 years of proven performance, with more than 11 million feet now in use. And the original installations are still operating perfectly!

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DIY Level 2 : Basement Waterproofing System

Basement Waterproofing Kit | Level 1

Same Easy Installation With More Features Superior To Other Basement Waterproofing Products!
Introducing a new upgraded Beaver Basement Waterproofing System! The Level 2 system features a closed back and hinge feature that allows you to access the inside of the system to clean any debris collected over time without affecting the bond of the adhesive.

The Level 2 system is a commercial grade system and has been installed at:

Notre Dame
University of Michigan
University of Wisconsin
Fort Bragg
Fort Knox
Andrews Air Force Base
Hoover Dam
Boulder City, NV
...just to name a few

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PRO Level 3 : Pro-Flow II System

PRO Basement Waterproofing | Level 3

Pro-Flow II Drainage System's advanced design handles large volumes of water. A Pro-Flow II drainage system integrates the reliable Beaver Baseboard system with the tried and true sub-floor tile system. Pro-Flow II is specially designed for installation on top of the footing under the floor.

The large design in the Pro-Flow II arch is an improvement, providing sheer strength and support for your floor over it. This design provides an in-floor channel and gives Pro-Flow II the volume necessary to collect, control and drain water to the sump pump unit. Pro-Flow II provides you with the best system available to keep your basement floor dry.

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Beaver Waterproofing Adhesive

Beaver Waterproofing Adhesive


The Beaver Waterproofing Adhesive is used to bond the Beaver Basement Waterproofing System to the basement floor allowing for a water-tight seal. The adhesive creates a waterproof bond to the main section, corner pieces and any connecting sections. The adhesive can even be applied to slightly damp surfaces and still create a leak free bond from the basement floor to the baseboard system.



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Beaver Baseboard Basement Waterproofing System

Super-Syphon System

A quality pump is truly the heart of any water management system. Quietly collecting water seepage year after year the Super-Syphon system is the BOSS. Using this high quality Super-Syphon system with Beaver should last you for the life of your home.

1. Zoeller "Mighty-Mate" - 3HP M53 Sump-pump
2. Drain Pipe - The drain pipe is installed from the wall to the sump basin.
3. System drains - Your system collects seepage and drains it to the Super Syphon.
4. Super-Syphon - Quietly collecting water seepage year after year.

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Beaver Baseboard Basement Waterproofing System

Underground DownSpout DIY Kit

No more ugly down spout extensions to step over or get in the way of your lawn mower. Our underground downspout system easily adapts to all down spouts, without any special tools or fittings.

Water free falls into debris filter and flows underground through PVC pipe. As water fills up in the Bubbler pot and lid rises up to let water evenly overflow onto your lawn. Drainage slots in the Bubbler pot let standing water filter down into the ground. The solid drain cover will then drop down and seal out grass clippings and dirt.

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“I couldn't afford to have professionals come in and take care of my wet basement, but you guys make these do-it-yourself basement waterproofing kits so affordable and easy to install I now wonder why anybody puts up with a wet basement.”

- Joe Kipple, Toledo, OH




“I just installed your Level 2 basement waterproofing system and I wanted to thank you for making that so easy!”

- Mark Hines, Duluth, MN




“I am extremely pleased with your product! After installing your basement waterproofing kit, our basement has stayed comletely dry through the worst storms and now I wish I would have installed it years ago.”

- Paul Renke, Aurora, IL




“I was curious how well your basement waterproofing kit was going to work and then we got hit by a serious of rain storms which usually creates puddles of water in our basement... and I am pleased to say that your system WORKS! Our basement stayed completely dry and I have tremendous faith that your kit will keep it that way.”

- Ben Harris, Ames, IA